Site credits

First, I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to make this site happen. As my interest in Bowling Green athletics has been grown again over the past few years, I’ve noticed that the history of the program is documented sporadically online, and it has taken a concerted effort to make that information more easily available. My hope is that as this project grows, with the help of its readers, this site will be a wealth of knowledge never before seen for not just Bowling Green, but for many athletic programs around the country.

Credit for the information gathered on this site is as follows:

BGSU Athletic Department – Much information was pieced together from their media guides and publications, as well as their official website.

“The History of Bowling Green State University” by James Robert Overman – This book covers the first half century of BGSU, from the years leading up to its inception through wartime and sees Falcon athletics begin to thrive, with a national championship in football in 1959 and its first bowl appearance two years later.

“The Falcon Soars” by Stuart R. Givens – This book covers the history of BGSU from 1963-1985, an era where the men’s basketball team made the last of it’s NCAA Tournament appearances, women’s teams were taking shape, BG athletes collected a number of Olympic gold medals and the Falcons climbed to the top of the college hockey world.

“Images of America: Bowling Green” by Frederick N. Honneffer – While this book is a pictorial about the entire history of Bowling Green as a city, there are numerous photographs depicting campus life around BGSU, including a few archival photos of early athletic contests.

BGSU Center for Archival Collections (CAC) – Located on the fifth floor of Jerome Library on the BGSU campus, this department is a historical gold mine for all things related to BGSU.

College Football Data Warehouse – Provides historical data for all Division 1, and many lesser division football programs in an online format. – Provided images and information on Doyt L. Perry Stadium, including original plans for a “futuristic” stadium.

Baseball Reference – Provided statistical information and dates for baseball alumni in the major leagues.

Retrosheet – Provided statistical information and dates for baseball alumni in the major leagues.

The Internet Hockey Database – Used for complete career statistics of all former Falcon hockey players.

Basketball Reference – Used for statistics and information on Falcon basketball players in the NBA.

Database Football – Used for statistics and information on all Falcon football players in the NFL.