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Ivan "Doc" Lake was born on March 24, 1901 to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lake in North Baltimore, Ohio. They did not stay long in North Baltimore however, moving to Bowling Green, Ohio two years later. Ivan Lake enrolled at Bowling Green in 1919, graduating in 1923.

Ivan "Doc" Lake helped bring several firsts to the university, one of which was the celebration of Homecoming which first was held in 1922. He also coined the name "Falcons" as the mascot and nickname of the university, and also "Bobcats" for Bowling Green High School.

Until 1927, Bowling Green State University was referred to as Bowling Green Normal University, for its teacher training curriculum. The school's nickname was "The Normals." That year, Lake, an active athletics booster, suggested that the university needed a new nickname. Doc Lake, then a sports reporter for the local Sentinel Tribune news paper, had just finished reading an article about falconry. He suggested the university rename its nickname and mascot, "The Falcons." He felt the bird was a fierce fighter with speed and courage. Doc Lake's suggestion of "The Falcons" met with instant general approval by members of the university. In fact, in 1955 the U.S. Air Force would also adopt the falcon as their mascot at the academy in Colorado Springs, Co.

Lake was a member of the first football team to win a game at the university, a member of the first male quartet club, an editor for the Bee Gee News, member of the first glee club, and a member of the Five Brothers Fraternity (and was later instrumental in bring Sigma Alpha Epsilon to the University). He also was the first tennis player to earn a varsity letter at Bowling Green.

After his graduation, Lake worked for the Sentinel-Tribune newspaper in Bowling Green as a telegraph editor, sports editor, and the managing editor. Ivan Lake also helped lead the fight against Governor Davey when he wanted to close the university and make it a welfare institution in the 1930s. Later, Lake served as secretary and later president of the Alumni Association at BGSU.

Ivan Lake left the Sentinel-Tribune in 1953 to work as a reporter for the San Diego Union in California, and remained there until his death on October 15, 1967.

He was inducted to the BGSU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1964.

(Information on this page taken from the BGSU Center for Archival Collections and Bowling Green State University.)
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